Thermal treatments

Nowadays, making time to take care of your body is vital for each and every one of us. So make an appointment with your physical well-being! At the Gran Paradiso, our facilities, state-of-the-art equipment and professional team are all at your disposal.

Cures for the body and mind

The Gran Paradiso’s spa offers well-being services and hydrotherapy cures for the body and mind, in a sophisticated atmosphere, fully tailored to relaxation.p>


The word “spa” derives from the Latin sanitas per aquam or “health through water”, the benefits of which have been known since ancient times.

What better occasion to take advantage of the beneficial effects of thermal baths and thalassotherapy and moreover the fangotherapy.

Our spa pays particular attention to a special treatment, "fangotherapy", because it stems from the most ancient and rooted tradition, going back to the Romans, that of Ischian spas.

The Fango Therapy

Fango therapy is a thermal therapy in which a medicinal mud infusion is contained in a special kind of recipient where it matures for approximately 50-60 days. After this period, the mud can then be applied on the patients’ skin.

Composition: the mud is a compound of a solid component (clay), of a liquid component (a water salted-bromied-iodized) and of a biological component (microorganisms and biomaterials).

Modality of application: the matured mud is the base material of fango therapy, which comprises four stages:
- the application of the mud,
- a bath in thermal water,
- the sudorale reaction,
- the strengthening massage.

The mud is applied directly on the skin at a temperature of between 37° C to 38° C for a period which varies from 15 to 20 minutes. Then, the patient is given a warm shower, followed by a thermal bath at a temperature of 37-38° C for approximately 8 minutes. Finally, the patient will be dried with a warm towel. He will then be invited to return to his hotel room, where he will be asked to remain covered in bed for 30/40 minutes. This procedure allows the sudorale reaction to take place, continuing the biological effects of the fango therapy.

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