Our history

The hotel’s history starts many years ago...

Once upon a time, mum Ersilia and dad Gioacchino raised their six children in an atmosphere of love, generosity, simplicity, family values and mutual respect.

Nicola, last-but-one in the Lombardi family and Managing Director of the Gran Paradiso, is the living incarnation of this way of life, handed down by his beloved parents.

Whilst still in his teens, Nicola left home to work with various relatives both in Italy and abroad. He rapidly acquired a great deal of knowledge, high standards, a professional attitude and an all-consuming passion for his chosen profession, which was to deepen throughout nearly forty years of hard work and dedication.

After many years as the head of what had initially been a small business, transforming it into a major international hotel and tourism empire, as founder of one of the world’s leading tour operators, Nicola finally decided to take a major step: to work for himself and for his family.

Which is how the Gran Paradiso was born, managed with tenacity, intelligence, professionalism and savoir-faire by Nicola himself.

We would be delighted if you would join us in this marvellous family venture and invite you to discover for yourselves that our sole aim is to provide you, our guests, with the perfect, peaceful, welcoming family holiday you deserve!

Via Principessa Margherita, 20 - 80074 Casamicciola Terme Ischia (Italia) Tel. +39 081.994003 - +39 081.900895 - Fax +39 081.4620081info@hgp.it - www.hotelgranparadisoischia.it