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Frequently Asked Questions





Hall - Check-in and Check-out how should I behave?


Upon arrival at the hotel, the staff present will measure your body temperature. In the event that its temperature is above 37.5 ° it will not be possible to access the structure.

We remind you that for all operations upon arrival and in common areas during the stay, the use of a mask is mandatory and to maintain a safety distance of at least 1 meter.

You will notice a lot of signs in the hotel that will indicate where you can stay ("Wait Here" stickers) in order to facilitate the tasks of the staff.

If you wish, you can send copies of travelers' documents in advance by e-mail in order to speed up the Check-in procedures.

We remind you that the rooms will be delivered no earlier than 14:00 on the day of arrival so as to allow the staff to comply with the relevant rules.

Check-out is possible from 17:00 until 21:00 on the day before departure, respecting the safety distances.


Will the ROOM be cleaned and sanitized?


Certainly the room, like the common areas and the hotel services, will be cleaned and sanitized with products designed to guarantee the safety of the guest.

The rooms in particular will be sanitized with products designed to increase the cleaning already carried out customarily by our staff before your arrival.

The room will be cleaned every day with highly sanitizing products, but if you do not want our staff to enter your room you will be provided with a disposable cleaning kit together with clean linen and courtesy kit, so the room will remain for its exclusive use. We will remain at your disposal in any situation.


THE BEACH will it be possible to have an agreement with some beach clubs?


We want to remind you that, as in all of Italy, beaches, whether free or equipped, require personal attention to social distancing to enjoy the sea in peace. Ischia has many coasts, the closest to the hotel is only 200m away for information and / or reservations (advisable in some cases), you can contact the concierge staff who will be happy to help you.


THE RESTAURANT and BAR it will be possible to appreciate the good cuisine of Gran Paradiso and a good Coffee


Certainly. How well do you know who is our customer and how does it find out who comes here for the first time our restaurant ventilated by large sliding windows, illuminated by natural light and sea view thanks to its large size allows us to respect the rules of social distancing without no problem. Of course, you will no longer find our abundant buffet waiting for you at the entrance of the room, making you foretaste the delicacies of our Chef Claudio; but our Chef and the Maitre Pino have already organized everything to make sure that you just sit down and we'll take care of the rest.

We ask you to wear the mask both to go to your restaurant table and when you go out, you can remove it once you are seated. You will also be asked to wear the mask at the Bar even if outdoors and to remove it only as long as necessary for consumption.


 WILL THE SWIMMING POOLS be operational and exploitable, both internal and external?


Certainly, before, the attention to the swimming pool area and outdoor terrace were our iron control point. Following the new rules, different areas will be spaced and delimited to facilitate social distancing the pools will be sanitized cyclically thanks to our filtering system that will sanitize the waters with a special product. The whole staff will continuously sanitize the external structures. We remind you that social distancing also applies in a pool of at least 1 meter and that both the External Mineral Pool and the Internal Thermal Pool are allowed to dive to a maximum of 8 unconjoined people at a time or 1 family unit; for the External Panoramic Jacuzzis, the limit is set at 1 non-joint person or 1 family unit.


WILL CHILDREN enjoy the attractions of the Hotel?


Certainly no limitation will be set for children except those already active for the Thermal Waters. We know how important holiday fun is especially for the little ones. The staff on duty will check on their enjoyment but, we still ask you to check on your children to guarantee the basic rules.


Will the SPA be possible to carry out aesthetic and / or spa treatments?


Our wellness center will remain available to guests upon reservation, so as to allow social distancing. Reservations are required for Aesthetic, Relaxing and / or Thermal treatments. They can be carried out directly in the cabin, sanitized as indicated, directly by our staff.

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